Dr. Earth 24 Oz Final Stop Vegetable Garden Insect Killer R * Vegetable garden insect killer * Kills and controls aphids, whiteflies, mites, caterpillars, earwigs, sow bugs, beetles and more * Use directly on vegetables * Ensures a great harvest * People and pet safe * Works immediately * Active ingredients included essential oils and garlic extract * Certified EPA exempt minimum risk pesticide * Organic * RTU * 24 oz

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Blast, 125,000 Gallon, 12 Packets If your pond is occasionally troubled by algae blooms or accumulated organic debris, here's a way to restore its natural beauty quickly and effectively. Blast is a non-toxic, proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria that breaks down the organic matter that clouds up your water. Most effective when used in conjunction with the Aquasphere (sold separately) for long lasting protection. 12 packets per box Each box treats a 1/4 acre pond for 5 weeks 2 boxes clean a 1 acre pond for 5 weeks Contains a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria

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Somerset LE 1014 Spa And Recreation Room The Somerset Limited Edition of hot tub enclosures was inspired by the design of a traditional English Summerhouse. The Somerset LE 10x14 provides the feel and look of a backyard cottage. This spa enclosure has 9 lockable awning windows a French door entrance and curved lexan corners.

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Granny Smith Apple Tree A Tart Favorite Among Apple-Lovers Granny Smith Apple tree is a fruit tree that produces high-quality, tart apples on a reliable tree. Plant one in a sunny location and watch your harvest grow! One of the best known apple varieties for both cooking and snacking, Granny Smith enjoys a long history of being an apple with exceptional qualities. Its lovely, green skin (occasionally with a subtle, pink blush), presents a vibrant sight amid the branches in October. The juicy, white flesh is likewise energizing, with a crisp, tart flavor that’s perfect for award-winning pies, culinary dishes…or just right off the tree. Granny Smith apple’s high acid content means that they won’t go brown as quickly once cut, so they’re especially valued for fruit trays and salads. Granny Smith apples are also chocked full of vitamins and antioxidants, but not calories, so they’re a great way to encourage good health. Your Granny Smith will reach up to 14 feet in height. It tends to be a strong-limbed tree, able to manage its harvest without the need for additional supports. It can be long-lived under optimal conditions and is quite heat tolerant. Even the apples are durable, lasting up to six months with refrigeration. If you love a tart apple, or just enjoy one with good storage and a variety of culinary uses, Granny Smith is the perfect apple for you. * Delicious tart apples * Long lived tree * Heat tolerant * Stores up to 6 months

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Rodent Screen Gardeners like you helped our R & D team design a better rodent screen - one with a tighter mesh, no sharp edges and a baked-on powder-coating so it won't rust. Powder-coated, rigid wire mesh with metal trim casing 24" square Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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