Black Flag Fly Stick * Fly stick* Indoor and outdoor use* Pesticide free* No vapors* Attracts and traps flying insects, flies, mosquitoes, moths and gnats

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Red Sprite Holly Compact Holly Brightens Winter Red Sprite Holly is a compactornamentaldeciduous shrub. Plant a few in a naturalized area of your landscape or perhaps one at the border of a perennial bed where the winter color can pick up where the bright summer flowers left off. Hollies, are the queens of the fruiting shrub world when ranked for ornamental value, and your Red Sprite is no exception. The fruiting branches onthe bare stemsare great for decoration in the garden or in the house. They are extensively used for decoration, especially during the holidays. When the leaves drop off your Red Sprite in late fall to expose the beautiful red berries, you’ll be amazed how decorative your plant is against the winter landscape. Red Sprite Holly is a dense, compact plant that produces multitudes of bright red, half-inch fruit that persist throughout the winter. Even without the berries, your Red Sprite Holly’s lovely shiny greenfoliage is sure to please. The deep green foliage on theshinygreenplantprovides fall color when it transforms to purple/bronze in autumn. Red Sprite reaches 3 feet in height with an equal spread. It prefers wet to soil, but is adaptable. Birds love it andit’s deer resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it being decimated by their foraging. You'll need both male and female plants to produce fruits for your Red Sprite. Red Sprite requires Ilex 'Jim Dandy' for pollination and berry production, so keep that in mind when acquiring a Red Sprite. All in all, Red Sprite Holly is an outstanding choice for your yard for all-season interest. * Shiny Green Foliage* Compact 2'-3' Growth* Profusion of Red Berrries on Female Plants

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10' X 15' Tough Tex American Flag Made with 100% long-lasting 2-ply spun polyester, our Tough-Tex flags are designed to be the longest lasting flag ever made. With the rich look of cotton, these flags are engineered especially for industrial, commercial or institutional use or wherever severe weather conditions exist. Complete with reinforced stitching, embroidered stars, and extra-strength polyester thread, each flag is specially treated to reduce sun and chemical deterioration. The longest lasting flag available anywhere. Greatest durability. Excellent for high wind areas and extreme weather conditions. Suitable for commercial and industrial uses. Tough-Tex® Flag Material Outperforms All Other Flags Bar None. This Is The Very Best Flag Made In America! 100% 2-ply spun-woven polyester fabric resists high winds. Open weave reduces fabric stress for longer wear. One Year Colorfast Guarantee. Backed by the oldest and largest flag manufacturer in the US. Heavy rope heading, embroidered stars and double stitched seams. Every flag double-inspected and meets official U.S government specifications. This great flag is available for immediate shipping to your door. Other websites sell this flag for $399.99. Buy it direct for less from!

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Neem Oil Organic Pest Control Concentrate 2 Ounces The Neem tree is considered to be one of the most promising trees of the 21st century. It has great potential in the fields of pest management, environmental protection and medicine. Used widely as a bio-pesticide for organic farming, as it repels a wide variety of pests, including the mealy bug, aphids, ants and mosquitoes. Use as a repellent and larvacide. Neem oil also controls black spot, powdery mildew and fungus. Dilute at the rate of 4 teaspoons per gallon of water. Adding a surfactant, such as liquid diswashing soap, will enhance its effectiveness. Great for all bonsai trees and household plants.

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Coco Fiber Edging, 6" x 12' Some gardeners dislike plastic mulches, but want something more permanent and more effective than bark mulch. This edging is made of coco fibers bonded with natural latex rubber. Anchored at the edges with Earth Staples, sold separately, they can be mowed over - no trimmer needed. Made of woven coconut fibers and natural latex 6" W x 12' L overall (two 6-foot lengths)

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