Organic gardening: How to grow an organic vegetable garden

25 Organic gardening: How to grow an organic vegetable garden What does it mean to grow vegetables organically? Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening magazine shows how to plant and nurture an organic vegetable garden. Keywords: organic gardening organic garden organic vegetable gardening organic gardening tips

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February 20, 2010

Codenamebravo @ 2:32 pm #

Nice informative video well done.

March 5, 2010

coirgreen @ 6:18 am #

use coir, its know to have over 95% natural organic matter in it and helps your plant growth.

RodTalon0000 @ 9:45 pm #

Ok this is great, but no one can really tell me where to get organic seeds… REAL organic seeds… any links???

RodTalon0000 @ 9:47 pm #

so throwing eggshells on top of the soil is good? and maybe left over veggies from your juicer too

March 7, 2010

565Customz @ 6:08 pm #

@RodTalon0000 wtf?

RodTalon0000 @ 7:42 pm #

pardon me?

565Customz @ 8:02 pm #

@RodTalon0000 i mean have you tried that massive search engine called google?


RodTalon0000 @ 9:23 pm #

I can google all day long and never find a site thats credible, I was hoping someone with more experience could send me a link that they PERSONALLY use and trust. Why don’t you bother someone else with your “Doh’s” and “WTF’s” Thanks 😉

RodTalon0000 @ 9:27 pm #

By the way, one of my college degrees was a BA in Multimedia… saw one of your videos, if i were you, id research AFTEREFFECTS, or ADOBE PREMIERE more thoroughly 😉 Subtexts are supposed to be seen, not in the center of the screen and microscopic….. Doh

March 9, 2010

565Customz @ 2:57 pm #

@RodTalon0000 ok smart ass…that was a quick video for someone else just to show a nitrous system working. the subtext was put in place becuase i converted the video to youtube-able format from cell phone format using a TRIAL program….

but they taught you that in college right?

565Customz @ 2:57 pm #

@RodTalon0000 oh…one more thing, i own the entire adobe suite…and about 40k worth of cad software…talk shit to someone else.

RodTalon0000 @ 5:26 pm #

oh 565Customz, I dont care what you own 😉 whether or not you can use it is pretty clear lol you cant. Take care kido

March 10, 2010

HikariHime29 @ 6:54 pm #


You should try home depot. I just got my organic seeds from there and they have a GREAT selection of different fruits, veggies, and flowers that are all certified organic.

565Customz @ 7:42 pm #

ur a fucking idiot…thats what happens when you use free programs. get the fuk over it.

March 11, 2010

5ive5ive9 @ 3:42 am #

look up how to make compost

LaryssaC90 @ 4:25 pm #

Salt Spring Island Seeds

blaimthebankers @ 7:14 pm #

No such thing as organic with chemtrails filling the rain with chemicals

March 15, 2010

pepperjoe12 @ 5:36 am #

Good stuff. Check out my ltra-Gardening videos on YouTube.

March 24, 2010

Revolutionisnow1 @ 9:07 pm #

Good intro, if you like check out some of my organic gardening and compost videos on youtube!

March 25, 2010

growingyourgreens @ 3:00 pm #

This is a great introductory video. Be sure to check my youtube chanel to learn how I converted my front lawn to an all-raised bed edible garden.

March 28, 2010

badassvegetarian @ 2:04 am #

I really want to start my own organic garden!

elephantdick69 @ 6:46 pm #

can I plant my seed in your garden big man?

March 31, 2010

TheBrassHole @ 4:23 am #

LOL!!! wtf is wrong with the dude in the glasses?

josephfoster30 @ 3:42 pm #

The guy with the glasses looks like the 40yr old virgin and a little of Rick Moranis…lol

April 1, 2010

wineandlobos @ 2:08 am #

you nurture an organic garden by taking a shit on your crop, earthy organic people are nasty, they dont even wash their hair, so Im sure they wont find it disturbing to shit on their own food, shit is probably healthy in some sort of way.

I’ll just stick to eating fried greasy foods

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