Upside Down Cucumbers – Home Vegetable Garden


Vegetable Garden Upside down cucumbers, not sure if this will work but Ive just got to try. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at

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May 19, 2009

hunt1803 @ 10:58 am #

Hmmmm. Using a shelf – great idea! I decided to use hanging baskets for my loofah and dipper gourds this year- hung them from branches in my cherry trees.
Also I’m growing an heirloom Speckled Roman tomato – they seemed to thrive when they sprawed across the ground last year, so thought I’d try them from hanging baskets this year to save some of my ground space. Now I’m thinking I could build some shelves on the outside wall of the shed… hmmmm.

webcajun @ 1:29 pm #

Glad I got you thinking. LOL …… Donald

May 26, 2009

JohnProsserVideo @ 8:08 pm #

you’re funny! I laughed out loud when you brought out the already sprouted cucumbers

webcajun @ 10:03 pm #

The upside down cucumbers were in the works for weeks before the video. LOL …… Donald

May 27, 2009

spainmd @ 2:10 pm #

Hey Donald, I just started my own upside-down cukes after watching your video, I wasn’t going to grow any this year but you got me pumped up. I’ll post some pics on the forums this evening. Thanks again for all the great videos


webcajun @ 8:55 pm #

I’ll be sure to check them out….. Donald

May 28, 2009

FightUni09 @ 3:54 pm #

Great Idea! Thanks!

webcajun @ 10:46 pm #

Best part, it works. LOL …….. Donald

June 16, 2009

hitmhard @ 3:09 pm #

5:55 to 6:15 is funny!

June 28, 2009

iTouchPod2G @ 7:05 am #

Yep i love the way he turns his head and says “Thats sum good stuf!”

July 20, 2009

FightUni09 @ 7:36 pm #

Thanks Again! I have my cukes growing DOWN a 4 foot high oak stump. Lot of fun!

webcajun @ 10:53 pm #

Mine aren’t doing as well in all this heat we’re having. That did fine until we started getting 100+ degree days…….. Donald

September 9, 2009

Streetwrites @ 1:47 am #

if there seedless where do the seeds come from lol???

webcajun @ 1:34 pm #

Same place they get the seedless watermelon seeds. LOL …… Donald

December 31, 2009

MrMacon16 @ 4:18 pm #


webcajun @ 6:24 pm #

Works great until the heat of summer, then plant them in the ground……… Donald

January 9, 2010

broadwayFan28 @ 11:29 am #


I remember that this did not work well for the cukes but I can’t remember which video shows the results. Maybe it was the hurricane that put these out of action. If you can, maybe do one of those Youtube related videos to point to the cuke results. I think it was a field trip video.

Also, I like to see ALL your videos but there are so many. Maybe add a year to them like “field trip June 2009”?

Happy New Year.

webcajun @ 7:44 pm #

The upside down cucmbers did real well until the heat of summer. From that point on I had to plant them in the ground. I believe the heat from those black pots hurt the root system.

Each video is dated by YouTube but I will keep your suggestion in mind. I have the 2009 season on DVD. Check the web site……….. Donald

broadwayFan28 @ 10:33 pm #

They are dated but you can’t see the date on the list More from: Webcajun.

Either way, thanks for making the videos.

January 31, 2010

concretehavencom @ 1:22 pm #

u da man..yeah Donald black pots get very 170F in summer sun…no good…i use white pvc , it reflects the sunlight.peace

webcajun @ 2:44 pm #

Good idea, thanks………. Donald

February 1, 2010

TheGreenGardener28 @ 9:22 am #

how many seed you put in the pot.does the root of the plants will fight..

webcajun @ 10:33 am #

You can try a couple of plants but I really think thinning to one per pot would be best……… Donald

March 14, 2010

futurevent @ 7:53 pm #

Not fond of hybrid seeds. I like them just the way God made them. Hybrids do not absorb nearly as much nutrients as Heirloom seeds.

March 15, 2010

webcajun @ 12:01 am #

Heirloom / OP is the way to go if you’re going to save your own seed………. Donald

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