How to Care for a Rose Bush


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August 11, 2011

Vandana Singh @ 1:07 am #

i want a lot of roses in my garden…..

April 1, 2012

BellaDolina @ 10:23 pm #

he’s hot. lol

June 29, 2012

DJMovit @ 3:58 pm #

Thanks for posting. Why do you prune down to the nearest 5 leafs? When all the Blooms have died back, When would you prune it back for winter? (Snow Country) I have a bush that blooms every year except it was never really trained onto any trellis so it lays over all the other plans

February 19, 2013

sakuraba mamoru @ 7:11 am #

Because, from the nearest five leaves, new shoots with new leaves and flowers will emerge. 🙂
That is not really necessary however.
You just have to prune back the dead flower if you want to.

May 9, 2013

jazzgirl232 @ 6:07 pm #

Do you have any recommendations of nurseries, growers, garden advice, etc. – for coastal San Diego? Thank you !

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