Hot Summer Garden Survival Tips


Is it hot? I said IS IT HOT?? I can’t HEAR you!! It’s insanely hot at this time of year (100 degrees and 90% humidity here) and you can just imagine the toll…

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November 23, 2012

nery colon @ 9:22 am #


November 26, 2012

46619TAB @ 2:29 am #

I have an allergy to cold air which leaves me with flu-like symptoms as well as hay fever symptoms when ever temps are below 60-65 degrees. If below 30+/-, hives develop on any skin exposed. July of 2012 in NC Indiana was the best!! I watered the lawn and landscaping heavily in the am [I run a home based business] and the potted plants again in the evening. It cost me money but less than the neighbor who had to have his entire lawn replaced because he did’t pour the water.

November 30, 2012

applepiebetty @ 2:39 pm #

Our summers are getting hotter & dryer every year. 105-120 all summer now. I water a couple hours before dark, but after the sun is off the plants. I also covered them with no longer used light colored sheets that I made into a canopy, using cheep white plastic (PVC) as the frame. It stretches tight or I also found letting them slide to an open or closed position works well. Their very light weight,easy to move & sized to whatever your need. I am going to utilize more shaded areas next season

December 9, 2012

46619TAB @ 11:41 am #

We FINALLY had a Summer here in N/C Indiana this year, July temps in the triple digits for days on end!! I work from home on a suburban lot and watered the lawn/flowering landscaping in the AM almost every day, my neighbors didn’t and my place looked like an oasis on the street. Several paid a fortune to re-sod.

I’m planning for a raised bed ‘Victory Garden’ next year with a drip line in each with a timer. I’m also hoping the Summer will last longer than a few weeks.

Praxxus55712 @ 11:51 am #

An oasis on the street! I love it!!

46619TAB @ 12:15 pm #

I have several Zebra Grass and Brown Feather Grass plants along the front with Day Lilies, Cone Flowers and Daisies. I worked really hard to restore the yard, 8 years ago when I bought it, it was all weeds so paying for city water was worth it. I was the only ‘green space’ on the street.

Your videos and those of John’s ‘growyourowngreens’ have encouraged me to try growing veggies in the back next year. It’s too cold now to be out so I have time to plan for success. THANKS!!

January 8, 2013

ThreeEyedTeddyBear @ 9:22 pm #

The plants that kind of wilt or curl in also do that to Close their Stomates aka the small openings that bring in CO2 because they can lose water through that as well. 😛 Hope you all can use that to sound all fancy

January 17, 2013

Jesse Shatto @ 2:35 am #

I grow Pumpkins and I get Male flowers but not females whats wrong with my plants or is it the soil or the seed.
I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Praxxus55712 @ 8:18 pm #

I’ve had this happen. I pollinate the males and eventually a female makes it’s appearance. I don’t know if there’s any science behind it but it works for me.

March 9, 2013

Kaisli @ 6:40 am #

Is bigger always better?
The cantaloupe on 10:58 has bigger leaves in the shade. Could it be because the plant thinks it doesn’t get enough sun? It has smaller leaves in full sun because that’s enough for it, and it can focus on doing something else than growing leaves.
Just a thought! 🙂

March 21, 2013

oppat99 @ 1:48 pm #

I have the completely opposite problem I live in a very cold and very dry place. any tomato plant ideas for here in Colorado?

Praxxus55712 @ 10:24 pm #

Early season tomatoes or cherry tomatoes seem to do best.

March 29, 2013

matt fantley @ 3:44 pm #

Hey, in the heat of the summer how often do you water plants, especially tomatoes and peppers
I am a missionary in Romania, we get some very hot days from July to mid-August

Praxxus55712 @ 7:18 pm #

I allow the soil to dry between waterings, then give them a good deep soaking. The roots push down deep so are not bothered when he heat is hig or the top of the soil dries out.

March 31, 2013

matt fantley @ 1:49 pm #

Is it everyday, or every other day? How much water has been the thing that always gets me and I was thinking of implementing WebCajun’s pvc pipe watering method…blight kicked my butt last year and i think it is cuz i watered the leaves and all
where do you get your polish tomatoes?..I would love to get my hands on them…I am growing a Romanian heirloom this year, hopin the best! Thanks! Love your channel!

Praxxus55712 @ 6:10 pm #

There is no timetable or set amount. This is something you have to watch and figure out.

April 8, 2013

NatureandAstronomy55 @ 2:18 pm #

I just planted my little seedlings and they wilted the soil is always getting bone dry after a good deep water help!

Praxxus55712 @ 5:04 pm #

Don’t let the soil get so dry. Mulch the soil.

NatureandAstronomy55 @ 8:43 pm #

thanks Ray

April 17, 2013

wheeliegrl @ 7:43 pm #

Hi from HOT florida! Luv the videos - ur awesome:) Thank you for all the education, its much appreciated!

May 3, 2013

jjmmarballo5 @ 12:42 am #

in California were i live it gets 115-120f

May 16, 2013

MrEricw2525 @ 3:21 pm #

lol this is reality not a cataloge 

MrEricw2525 @ 3:36 pm #

Would you be able to add earth worms to your buckets to help your plants?

Praxxus55712 @ 4:24 pm #

Possibly. Not sure if they would enjoy the high summer temps with no way to escape.

MrEricw2525 @ 5:45 pm #

I put holes on the bottom and have my bucket on grass just a thought. I use earthworm casting anyways but just thought i ask

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