ComposTumbler2 Compost Tumbler


Now you can have fresh compost ready each week! The ComposTumbler2 Compost Tumbler is divided into two sections inside: one side for loading new organic materials and one side for harvesting finished compost. Each side can hold up to 14 cubic feet of compost materials or approximately three 30-gallon trash bags full for a combined capacity of 28 cubic feet (about 180 gallons). Because of its efficient rotating design this heavy-duty compost tumbler can produce compost in 14 days. You simply load it with food scraps and other organic materials turn the drum every day for two weeks and then remove your finished compost and nourish your soil as needed.The rotating drum is made of rust-resistant galvanized metal with food grade plastic resin end caps. It sits 27 inches off the ground on a tubular steel frame protected by a black powder-coated finish. The gear-driven handle is easy to turn and the drum stays securely on the frame during rotation.The compost drum features aerator and drainage units on the door that allow fresh air to enter and excess moisture to escape so materials won’t get soggy. Fresh air travels through the contained materials and flows out of the screened vents on the sides. As it does this it aids the decomposition process taking place in the essential heat core. The dimensions of the drum have been professionally calculated for maximum efficiency in building this heat core which is why this compost tumbler can make compost in 14 days.If you generate two-to-three bags of compostable materials each week then the ComposTumbler2 is an ideal system for you. Order yours today and reap the benefits of a continuous supply of compost.

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