How To Plant a Bare Root Rose – The Home Depot


See more: RicksPicks, a garden expert on our How-To Community, walks us through how to plant your bare root roses. For more product and…

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February 4, 2013

Bk94541 @ 10:13 am #

Thanks man
Every year I go there & buying bareRoot roses, from u guys, this year/2013.I really don’t need anymore ..BUT when I go there see bareroots roses on that wooden table thing next to each other soo fresh poplar rose names & awards on the lable,i just grab more & more,
This year, I got RIO SAMBA, ABOUT FACE, STRIKE IT RICH & KINGS’ RANSOM, DREAM COME TURE ,real good quality roses cant wait see what i get this summer

February 8, 2013

Bk94541 @ 10:57 am #

U know everyone says it about soak the bare root rose for while before plant it ,I didn’t know and never gonna do it anyway ..Because I plant Bare root roses every year,just open it from that plastic and then use that pure rose soil u have it there with pinch of fertilizer mixed up with that soil and plant it right-away and water it well never had any problems whatsoever for years in any roses i did plant, THAT is just all old says NOT real Necessary!

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