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Knock Out Roses are America’s Favorite Landscape Rose, bloom over 5 months, highly disease resistant foliage, & ultra hardy. Buy Jumbo 2-quarts from www.Grea…

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September 1, 2010

starRN08 @ 10:04 am #

beautiful roses! can i plant the cut stalk,too? Will they thrive?

January 24, 2011

ruapraia @ 9:28 am #

Great info, they are pretty, how do they smell?

May 6, 2011

duncan7599 @ 11:58 am #

Buyer be ware of these roses. Even though they are hardy and drought resistant the voles and other mice love their roots and will eat them to their dead. Also the insects are attractive to them and will continue to eat their leaves and roses. Most of my Knockout roses are now dead to voles and insects that I tried to do everything to stop. Impossible plant to keep.

May 19, 2011

Trevormark @ 6:28 pm #

They don’t really have a smell but all their other great features make up for it.

Trevormark @ 6:30 pm #

What he says is true: these are fantastic roses, and they’re by far the most hardy thing in my entire garden. I live in Central Texas and they bloom year round. Very few pest and disease problems. The only thing to really bear in mind when planting Knockouts is that they need lots of sun to grow decently. Knockouts in shade will survive and bloom, but they won’t get very big.

May 20, 2011

ruapraia @ 9:51 pm #

Thank you

April 2, 2012

gf4670 @ 4:55 pm #

Not really. These things can almost double their size in a season. You cut them back to about 1-2 ft in early spring and by August they’re 3-4 ft tall. For borders you’re better off getting a sister rose to the Knockout called Drift roses. They’re low-growing groundcover roses. They top out at about 1.5-2 ft and are really hardy and offer more color variety than the knockout.

April 14, 2012

BEEHIVESPIRIT7 @ 10:37 am #

HI THERE: This is my first spring with my KORose. For best results, do they need to be cut back to 1-2ft every spring? I am looking froward to seeing what it does this year. Thanks for your help. :))

April 24, 2012

RETIRED825 @ 9:03 pm #

i purchased the red double knockout roses in the spring of 2011 from greatgardening plants. they arrived in very good condition, they were packed well, i let them sit out for awhile until i decided where i wanted to plant them, i chose to put them on the westside of front yard in a cruve, there open up afew days ago, too many word to say about them, i’m planning to order the yellow doubleknockout roses soon, you can’t go wrong.

RETIRED825 @ 9:07 pm #

yes, it’s up to you. i like mines to go for it. i let them do there thing, people stop and cause a traffic jam on sunday’s

RETIRED825 @ 9:11 pm #


February 23, 2013

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