Tuscany Bird Bath


It may not be as magical as a real trip to the Italian countryside but the Tuscany Bird Bath is great for bringing a little romance and charm to your backyard. Featuring a super strong heavy cast iron base this bird bath’s not going anywhere. The round bowl is crafted of cast aluminum which will never rust. It’s also extremely shallow so it’s safe for all birds. This bath features an antiqued white finish with verdigris floral details applied in a way that gives this bath a weathered look. It’s extremely easy to assemble and will look lovely in your garden.Cast iron care and maintenance:The powder-coated cast iron pedestal base can be treated with a good quality car wax to enhance and protect the finish. If the powder coat finish becomes scratched down to the metal surface it is necessary to cover the scratched area with an enamel paint as soon as possible to prevent rust. Verdigris antiquing and other accented topcoats are applied by hand and may fade with age and exposure to sunlight. Re-topcoating of accents can be done by yourself or a local craftsman if you desire.Aluminum care and maintenance:Aluminum is a soft metal. For this reason you should take care when tightening any nuts and bolts as excessive pressure can damage or strip this soft metal.

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