The Difference Between Own Root and Grafted Roses


Wondering what the difference is between own-root and grafted (or budded) roses? This videos illustrates that and discusses which might be better for your ga…

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July 4, 2010

freesaxon @ 7:53 am #

Great video, & answers a question I have wondered about 4 a while.
OK I have seen rose grafting, & know why its carried out.
But have always thought that grafted roses ( whilst they have their place ) often look unnatural, sort of `pole effect’ on bush roses.
Over here the good old British people ( sadly ) r used to being fed whatever’s `best for them’ ? without question.
@ 57 years old I was unaware that you could buy own rootstock roses ( apart for hedging varieties ) You live + learn

freesaxon @ 7:56 am #

My mother loves roses , wait until I tell her she could have had an alternative to those poles she grows in her garden !
( No not standard type roses)

July 5, 2010

AshdownRoses @ 12:57 pm #

If you do buy grafted roses make sure you bury the bud union below the ground about 2 inches or so. Most shrub roses will then become own root roses over time.


August 19, 2010

Leanmass916 @ 9:51 pm #

Very nice how u explain things. Great video I watch a lot of diff videos on Youtube to learn. I plan on making Horticulture my Major I know 100% I was born to do this it’s in my blood. 

August 20, 2010

AshdownRoses @ 9:16 am #

I’m glad you like the video and I wish you the best of luck on you future career in Horticulture. You won’t regret it.

February 6, 2011

ruapraia @ 8:59 am #

Ha ha ha, the proof sure is in the pudding, it stands to reason that anything growing from its own roots is going to do better, and you showed us with proof. That’s the way to teach. Thanks Paul.

AshdownRoses @ 1:29 pm #

You’re welcome. 🙂

August 9, 2011

bombblaster64 @ 1:52 pm #

we took a pink looking rose out of a part of my garden because it wasnt doing so well in the shade, the next year another rose came up out of its place, it was doctor ue, it smells a little like pepper lol

March 16, 2012

karengonzaga @ 4:51 pm #

thank you so much for the useful tips,,

March 24, 2012

viinograv @ 2:17 am #

не все поняла, английский слабый. Переведите плилз :)

April 4, 2012

bogeyman291 @ 2:50 pm #

Verry nice I have dug up a climbing bush from a cacant lot some ten years ago here in Mass. and cannot kill it it so hardy i have to cut in to the ground to control it WANT SOME!!

May 7, 2012

marginallymental @ 10:14 pm #

My husband and I are fruit growers, and so work with cloned tops to trees on rootstock. You’ve done a nice job of giving people a lot of information in a little vid! When I married, I never dreamed I’d have to become a rootstock expert, and I still have so much to learn. M9, Old Home Farmingdale, Usuriansis… many to memorize, and such a disaster if you pick the wrong tree for the wrong rootstock. A too-vigorous cherry, collared trunks on a pear…we’ve experienced it all.

July 2, 2012

WitchygirrlR @ 4:18 am #

Last year I decided to finally plant roses. Waited from spring waiting for them to bloom, they did… the next spring. All 14 were Dr huey..I feel like I got scammed because they were bare root, and did not say on the bag, that they were grafted. Then I found out about chamblees , and vowed to only buy own root from now on. I waited a year treating them like babies, wondering why they didn’t make one flower. My own root ones started blooming immediately.

January 11, 2013

humza6951 @ 3:36 pm #

Hello, i bought this rose flower from the market. the bracnh was about 40cm long and it had 3 buds. i have been puttting it in water for about 3 weeks and the bud are still not growing, why, please help, thank you

February 25, 2013

LordGandor3 @ 11:11 pm #

I recently purchased some grafted tea rose plants, Peace , Memorial Day, Olympiad & Double Delight . Would you also recommend burying the bud union on these plants ?

LordGandor3 @ 11:28 pm #

I buy my roses from a San Diego nursery & all of the Weeks Tea roses are grown on Dr. Huey root stock I planted about 20 of them last spring & all of them flowered & this season they are looking even better .They were in 5 gallon containers so they had a healthy root mass before I put them into the ground. From what I’ve read you can’t fertilize bare root ( BoneMeal is ok for root growth) roses until they have been in the ground for 6-8 weeks & then sparingly so you don’t burn developing roots

LordGandor3 @ 11:56 pm #

Here in San Diego Weeks put the bare root plants in the containers around the first week of Jan so by the time I planted them in Mar they had quite a bit of vegetative growth & a good root mass . The few plants I have cloned (I’ve used thick healthy canes ) are very strong plants (Queen Elizabeth Lincoln & Monroe turned out great ) I don’t sell them I just plant them on my property

March 21, 2013

LordGandor3 @ 7:47 pm #

I buried the bud union 2 inches on a few of my tea roses recently & the lower leaves turned yellow the ones that I brought the ground level just up to the bottom of the bud union did not yellow will the yellowed ones be ok ?

March 26, 2013

AshdownRoses @ 8:39 am #

The yellow ones should be fine. 

April 2, 2013

bowler8 @ 2:00 pm #

so those own root roses that you grew from cuttings…do you own the patent on them?

AshdownRoses @ 3:45 pm #

When I had my nursery we held licenses to propagate the ones under patent.

April 20, 2013

shinysunlight @ 8:39 am #

I’m just about tasting the tip of the iceberg about roses. I like flowers in general but I have to admit I don’t know too much about roses yet. (my grandma used to have a mini nursery, so that’s how my admiration started) I just have a question, maybe it will look a bit stupid, but I’ll risk it anyway. 2 years ago I brought a rose root from the market, it was foreign. I didn’t pay too much attention to it, so I can’t recall its name. The picture was showing a pink rich rose with lots of petals.

shinysunlight @ 8:42 am #

I planted it into my other grandma’s garden and I left the country. Returning after a year, I noticed that the rose produced a decent growth, brought flowers too, but the flowers were not with multiple layers of petal it was more like a “wild rose” as we say it at home, singular petals opening up in a circle. Did I got the wrong rose or I should have done something with it?

AshdownRoses @ 9:03 am #

When you say you purchased a “rose root” what does that mean exactly. What did they tell you, you were buying.

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