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A powerhouse dynamo, the DynaTrap DT1000 Insect Eliminator effectively brings and end to mosquitos, flies, moths, Asian beetles, no-seeums, wasps, and yellow jackets without the use of deadly propane. DynaTrap offers a 3-way protection plan for maximum insect assault: first, Two UV fluorescent bulbs produce inviting, cozy, warm light to attract insects. Then the TiO2-titanium dioxide coated funnel works with the warmth of the light to produce CO2 — irresistible to mosquitos and luring other flying insects into the DynaTrap. Finally, a whisper quiet fan — quiet, yet powerful — traps insects into the retaining cage. And that’s it, case closed. Goodbye, insects. The DynaTrap provides a safe pest protection solution and offers absolute comfort for your outdoor living environment. The DynaTrap comes complete with two UV bulbs (lifespan 3,000 or 4 months), metal hanging chain, and cleaning brush. On/off toggle switch. Durable all-weather construction. Operates 24-7, with a 1 year limited warranty. Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor use, with it’s 10 ft. cord. Also available separately, DynaTrap DT1000 – Replacement Bulbs — 2 UV fluorescent light bulbs pack. Make sure you have back up, and keep your skies bug free forever. This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Product usually arrives in 2-8 business days, depending on destination, including order processing and shipping. APO/FPO shipping unavailable

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