Cypress Hammock Arc Stand


With its attractive curves and graceful design this undeniably appealing hammock stand will be the centerpiece of your backyard! Its natural classic beauty shines through its four layers of laminated Southern Cypress. Accommodates large or deluxe sized spreader hammocks 12 to 15 feet in overall length. Heavy and solid it can hold two average size adults plus two kids and then some.Over time the sun will naturally turn the Hampton Cypress Arc Hammock Stand a silvery gray. Another beneficial quality of cypress wood is its natural oils that help it resist damage from moisture. A coat of linseed oil every year will provide additional protection to keep the stand in optimum condition. The Hampton Cypress Arc Hammock Stand will weather best if positioned in direct sunlight. Shaded areas encourage moisture retention and will lead to the deterioration of the hammock stand as the wood softens.Please note: This hammock stand works with spreader bar hammocks only.

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