How to grow Roses from stem Cutting


How to grow Roses from stem Cutting.

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May 26, 2013

SuSyAngels787 @ 7:43 pm #

Good video. But I Have a Question , The weather is very hot where I live. Do i still Need to use the bag? *my stems already Have NEW Little green Leaves… they still on the water with the fertilizer that came with the roses (roses already die) thanks Hope somebody can help me =)

SuSyAngels787 @ 8:39 pm #

Good video. I want to know if i Need to put the plastic bag on my stems because where i live is a super hot weather. *My stems has new green leaves on it. *my stems still on the same water with fertilizer i put them when they were roses like a week 1/2 ago..(roses died already) hope somebody can help me =) Thanks

May 29, 2013

bmanishap @ 6:35 pm #

Sorry for late response. I live in California so weather is not that hot. When I was planting rose from stems, I used 5-6 in different pots with different stems in them (hoping at least 1-2 will work of 6). 2-3 I covered with bags but they didn’t grow but ones without bags did well and now they are small plants. If it is too hot, you can make small green house to avoid direct sun. Also I was watering them regularly and my pots has small holes in bottom to drain access water. Hope this will help.

May 31, 2013

SuSyAngels787 @ 2:31 pm #

Thank you very much! =) i will do that!!! Hopefully one of them all can be a successful beautiful plant in the future. Keep it up!!! Good Luck!

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