XL Mazatlan Mayan Hammock


Two can fit but it’s made for one so spend some time alone in this XL Mazatlan Mayan Hammock and experience for yourself the ample room that gives you the feeling you’re floating in the clouds! Its diamond-like threading an ancient Yucatan peninsula art form gives it a robust and comfortable weave providing durability and ventilation. The XL Mazatlan Mayan Hammock has metal reinforced loop ends for greater strength and durability. The body is made of cotton. Hanging Hardware sold separately.Many of our customers who have traveled abroad have loved the style of Mayan Nicaraguan and Brazilian hammocks because of their high comfort level. These hammocks are often used as beds so feel free to use them to their full potential.We recommend: The ultimate way to lie in the XL Mazatlan Mayan Hammock is the Dangerously Comfortable way as seen in the photo. This hammock is also perfect for two people who want to snuggle up close. We suggest lying in the hammock together either diagonally or lengthwise.

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