Rose budding, how to bud or graft a rose bush.


Here i show as much as i can about the techniques i use for budding.

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June 12, 2013

r788190 @ 6:42 am #

Yes fortuniana full sun better. Yep one hour spray water again. Only enough water to wet the top and keep the mix damp, once water for a few seconds

rotaryhoes @ 6:49 am #

That is how we do it and seems to work well, hopefully you have success.

June 13, 2013

r788190 @ 4:03 am #

Will need to spray a protective agent spreader stickers do? Still no rain is not needed

rotaryhoes @ 6:31 am #

If you have irrigation rain doesn’t matter. If it rains good. Can spray a protective agent but we don’t. I guess can only help.

r788190 @ 7:26 am #

How long will you probably Rose spraying of pesticides M-45 spray roses are budding, do not you?
Foliar I can use those roses grow better ~ microelements spray a few days
Thank you for helping my problem – those commonly used fungicides to help you grow roses ~ ~ I use those fungicides

June 20, 2013

Amir Azadi @ 8:43 pm #

very nice, thanks

June 21, 2013

rotaryhoes @ 7:09 am #

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching.

June 23, 2013

SteezyOtis @ 4:46 pm #

I’ve been trying to graft roses for the last couple years with no success. So its essential to take the wood out of the scion prior to grafting to the host? Also i’ve been using electrical tape to hold the bud in place… Is that ok to do?

rotaryhoes @ 5:40 pm #

It is not essential to take that wood out but you will give yourself a much better chance if you do. If it doesn’t come out easy you wood is too dry and unlikely to be successful anyway. Electrical tape no good, will smother the bud. Use a rubber band and i am sure you will have success. Some proffessional growers still use rubber bands for tying buds. You don’t have to remove it, it will ping off itself after a few weeks just don’t tie over the eye of the bud. Good luck.

July 1, 2013

Thomas Mendez @ 9:06 pm #

What would you suggest would be good root stock for grafting a fig & peach cuttings? I have rose root stocks

July 3, 2013

rotaryhoes @ 8:21 am #

Any time i have done figs i have grown them from cuttings on their own roots, grow into big strong trees with plenty of fruit. Not sure if a rootstock exists for figs. Peaches have an assortment of rootstocks you can use depending on how big or small you want your tree. Golden queen peach is a good all round rootstock and so is elberta. But they are old, probably better stuff out there now but a bit out of my knowledge. Can’t use rose stock as incompatable.

July 15, 2013

Primul Namlasama @ 7:21 am #

rootstock for figs – the bushes that grow wild and do not make fruits — there are plenty here but as you said , we grow them from cuttings too

July 20, 2013

haitham masters @ 10:07 am #

think u for benfict show

July 23, 2013

rotaryhoes @ 7:51 am #

No worries.

BrightGreenThumb @ 9:19 pm #

I was hoping you could help me with some questions about rootstocks. What rootstocks are the best to graft onto? Are there only a few varieties that professionals use?

July 24, 2013

rotaryhoes @ 6:56 am #

There is quite a few different varieties of rootstock used all over the world. Some countries use seed to grow stock from and others use cuttings of wild stock. Here we do it with cuttings as the seedling type doesn’t work well. You could use a cutting from any strong growing climbing rose in your local area and would be ok, just don’t want a varitey that sends out suckers. If you have Dr Huey it is a very good stock to learn on, strikes easy and is easy to bud with a high success rate.

July 29, 2013

RyyanXoXo @ 9:08 pm #

Gorgeous videol THanks for posting!

July 31, 2013

rotaryhoes @ 4:49 am #

No worries, was fun doing it.

October 10, 2013

Samuel Merry @ 11:26 am #

Please i need some help, i can not get my cuttings to grow. I do not no what i am doing wrong can you give me some advice………

rotaryhoes @ 5:32 pm #

Tell me what you are doing step by step, time of year etc. I will see if i can notice anything wrong in your technique. Roses are very easy to grow from cuttings.

Samuel Merry @ 7:20 pm #

Thank you for replying i feel like i am getting some where.Well i normally do it any time in the year right now i am trying but when i check them the cuttings will look dark i also will use rooted boost, i do not no if the soil is the problem or what i am doing wrong,three months ago i did some but not one did not grow.

Samuel Merry @ 7:28 pm #

I love your video how you show the technique on how to do grafting i did one today…….

rotaryhoes @ 11:38 pm #

What country are you from, northern or southern hemisphere? Best times to do cuttings are winter and late summer. I don’t use any root hormone. Buy some seed raising mix or propagating mix from local nursery, potting mix is not much good. Once you have your cutting keep the soil moist but the cutting itself must be kept wet or very humid. Full sun is ok but half shade better. If it dries out even once it will most likely die. If too wet in the soil will rot. I bit of practice will get you there.

rotaryhoes @ 11:40 pm #

Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work, took me quite a few goes when i first started to get them to grow. Practice is the best thing you can do.

October 11, 2013

Samuel Merry @ 8:34 pm #

Thank you once again i am going to put every thing into practice i did brought some propagating mix today i will let you know more about it…..I am from the Caribbean country and it is very sunny. I Try some in water this morning……

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