XXL Hand Woven Multicolored Thick String Hammock


Thicker String Makes Your Comfort Last LongerFind spacious comfort beauty and durability with the XXL Hand Woven Multicolored Thick String Hammock. This hammock has strings four times thicker than our regular Mayan to make it stronger. Using the same ancient diamond-weave technique this hammock is still dangerously comfortable. The hand-weaving of the incredibly soft cotton string is the secret to this hammock’s unmatched comfort and superior strength.Cotton as a material will move and breathe with you. If comfort is your driver – cotton is the choice for you. As cotton is a natural material it will fade over time due to the sun’s UV rays. Ideally cotton hammocks are used on a covered porch or area protected from elements. If you plan to keep your hammock inside for sleeping cotton is the hands down winner.

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