Roto Composter 12 Cubic Feet Compost Tumbler


Featuring an efficient drum design the Roto Composter 12 Cubic Feet Compost Tumbler eliminates the need for strenuous churning. All you have to do is rotate the drum on its stand to quickly and easily mix your compost materials. Glide posts on the base allow the drum to rotate freely while keeping it in position and recessed handles on the sides provide gripping points for easy turning. Turn it about once a week to keep oxygen nutrients micro-organisms and moisture evenly distributed throughout the developing batch. Within just weeks of accruing garden and kitchen waste this compost bin will transform your scraps into valuable organic material.This innovative compost bin is made of molded recycled polyethylene plastic and holds up to 12 cubic feet of material. The black color of the bin absorbs heat which facilitates faster composting. The low-to-the-ground design and wide 16-inch twist-on lid allows you to load and unload material easily. The vented lid and 72 end vents circulate air within the batch to accelerate rapid composting. The rotating drum can be removed from its base and rolled to any location for filling or dispensing. The Roto compost tumbler arrives fully assembled and is backed by a one-year manufacturing defect warranty.

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