Gardening Tips & Tricks : Becoming a Master Gardener


Becoming a master gardener requires attending a master gardening program sponsored by the local state extension service, usually comprising of one class per …

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May 1, 2011

Cathy Hudgins-Arnett @ 2:51 pm #

an excellent job of explaining what master gardeners do and why we matter which state you reside in. Thank you from a Louisiana
master gardener !

October 20, 2011

frank21621 @ 12:18 pm #

Nice video, I’m a backyard Gardner right now and was thinking of taking it
to the next level and become a master Gardner. But the question I have is
about this volunteer work you have to do after the class to become a Master
Gardner. Can it be done on the web with a blog and a series of videos, kind
of like what you did on this video or does it have to be in person. Thanks

May 23, 2012

masteroflife777 @ 1:17 pm #

This is my objective in my existence…

July 3, 2012

Rhizobiotics @ 6:50 am #

Great video !

September 30, 2012

AnotherAmateur @ 11:56 am #

Very nice. I was just accepted into the U. of CA Extension Master Gardener
training and I am looking forward to learning more about growing things and
to tell others about it. This was a very good overview, thanks!

May 12, 2013

perfectscotty @ 8:42 pm #

any chance you know hans VanVeen ?

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