Gardens to Gro 8 x 8 ft. Vegetable Garden Kit


The attractive Gardens to Gro 8 x 8 ft. Vegetable Garden Kit makes gardening a breeze. The surround-you design allows easy access to the plants and soil from a center walkway. With 20-inch high growing beds no stooping is required and there is plenty of space for roots to grow. The 32-inch high fencing and gate are backed with black hardware mesh and will keep out rabbits and dogs. The 68-inch rear trellis is ideal for peas beans cucumbers and tomatoes. With approximately 45 square feet of planting space this garden is ideal for a household of up to 4 people. About Gardens To Gro The concept for the ready-made garden wasn’t easy to come by. Two busy working parents Lisa and Steve dreamt of their own garden—but they had no time to create one. Sure their gardener built them one but bunnies ate everything! So Lisa though of a great idea: pre-made deliverable gardens! Since 2004 Gardens To Gro has been helping busy people all over the country enjoy well-built vegetable gardens – and fresh vegetables!

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