10 Tips on How to Have a Successful Desert Vegetable Garden in the Heat of Summer


John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you his 10 reasons why he has been successful gardening in 117 degree dry, desert heat, when others h…

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July 26, 2013

Claudia Garcia @ 5:28 pm #

like always love all your videos muchas gracias.

Brad Millar @ 7:36 pm #

Your fun girl joke never gets old. lol. Thanks for all you do.

Randall Kerstetter @ 7:36 pm #

Some great info for those of us growing, or wanting to grow, in the
Southwest. Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, SoCal, Utah, Texas, and so on.

ChrisD4335 @ 7:46 pm #

for containers and raised beds People may want to try making there own
little terracotta wetpot irrigation system system, I tried some this year
and can’t believe how well they work, by far the best “selfwatering” setup
I have tried in both saving water and keeping your plants happy on those
scorching weeks

Kinnari Pandya @ 9:29 pm #

I am growing different variety of Amaranth and they all are thriving in
Arizona heat. Also purple Amaranth is great for juicing.I buy my green
Amaranth seeds from whole food bulk aisle.They are very cheap.

Bob W @ 11:35 pm #

Awesome tips! What are your round raised beds made out of?

July 27, 2013

Nathan Deneault @ 12:03 am #

I vouche for the Boogie Products 100% and Josh and Lia are amazing to deal
with 🙂

Info123aqua @ 1:05 am #

I have found azomite in s Cali… 91710 zip..44 pound $31

justazcom @ 9:49 am #

I’m so glad you emphasized that growing food in the desert is different. I
live in Phoenix and so much of the information on gardening is geared
toward growing in the east or Midwest, or the northern climates. Thanks for
this video. Great tips for growing in the summer season – and all year

Lori Armstrong @ 9:59 pm #

Thank you John (=

July 29, 2013

David Young @ 10:12 am #

How do you get swiss chard to grow in the summer? We have been cool here in
the SE 80’s compared to 100+ but my chard dies off when it gets over 80…

July 30, 2013

roscokai @ 1:25 pm #

If you don’t mind me asking – why did you move from California?

woknblues @ 2:31 pm #

John, I live in Albuquerque and have tons of sun. I have an east facing
back yard (nearly true east, facing the rising sin in the morning). My
question is should I place my raised beds along the north and south sides
to get the 8-10 hours of blistering sun, or are the east and west sides
with 6 or so hours of intense, high desert sun enough?

Mike Wiscombe @ 3:14 pm #

I always enjoy your’e videos, thanks John.

happybuddyperson @ 4:21 pm #

I grow ze walking onionz!

July 31, 2013

Money Million @ 5:43 pm #

love this guy man…..Great info.Thank you john

August 1, 2013

stayhuman12 @ 11:06 am #

Thanks John! Great videos!

xlarge79 @ 11:01 pm #

I really like your vids but lately I have notice your not making a family
show. You make offensive comments for the audience and I let my two
daughters watch your vids. I don’t feel comfortable have them watch your
vids if you keep making this kind of comments my daughters are 9 year old
and they still have the innocent mind and still wanna keep it that way. If
you please make your show more appropriate so I won’t unsubscribe you

August 2, 2013

stephlopez00 @ 8:51 am #

Love all your videos John! Keep it going. Damn hornworms, haha! U rock.

favored1 @ 11:15 pm #

Really good info. What I could grow easily in the NE just doesn’t grow in
the west.

August 4, 2013

Tim Brown @ 3:29 am #

I always enjoy your LV tips since I struggle trying to grow my southern
favorites here. I know that you’re not big on growing potatoes but you may
want to try a small section of sweet potatoes next year…mine are over
running everything and the greens are edible…cooked at least, I don’t
know about juicing. Another new attempt for me this year was lemon cuc’s
and it looks like they’re going to be outstanding.

LOVIE PERKINS @ 11:26 pm #

is it the “love lies bleeding” or chenille plant ? Was it an old Aztec
grain ? mine get stunted growth in the sand of Bahamas

August 5, 2013

Rick George @ 12:35 pm #

Armenian cucumbers aka snake melon do pretty well in Vegas, and we had good
luck with winter squash down there (except for being attacked by squash

August 17, 2013

Sean L @ 12:46 pm #

Great info John!! Wish you were in Vegas when I lived there! I am in Reno
NV, don’t get the high temps like you do in Vegas but we get pretty close.
As always, thanks for the inspiration!

August 21, 2013

RedNeck MountainHippie @ 11:33 pm #

John, why dont you use mulch on top of the dirt? holds water, keeps the
biology in the dirt alive etc etc.

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