Mini Rose Care


Don’t know what to do with those roses you just got? Well have a seat and let my golden voice take you for a ride 😉 Also, like the intro? Anything you would…

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February 15, 2012

Praxxus55712 @ 9:27 am #

Ok I watched the intro over and over for an hour. LOl Very cool.

February 16, 2012

LilFrugalGardener @ 10:11 am #

Lolz ~ great intro ! Mini roses are the hardest thing to keep alive when
bought at the grocery store.

Zacham3 @ 6:14 pm #

@LilFrugalGardener That’s what I’ve heard but I’m up to the challenge! So
far all I see is constant new growth and bigger blooms. Lets hope for the
best though 🙂

Zacham3 @ 6:15 pm #

@Praxxus55712 Glad you like it! I made a few more but this one really stood
out and others seem to like it as well.

LilFrugalGardener @ 6:54 pm #

@Zacham3 Crossing my fingers for you =)

February 22, 2012

Griselda Garcia @ 1:28 pm #

Thank you! My husband bought me a mini rose pot for valentine’s and its
leaves are already turning yellow. I will follow your tips and will
transplant right away, hope it will not die.

Zacham3 @ 5:28 pm #

@grisseventyfour One thing I forgot to mention is that they also enjoy some
acidity! So be sure to see what the best type of soil mix is. I used peat
moss as most of it because it is acidic but I have also heard that adding
some dried coffee grounds work. I’m not sure about it so you may want to
research a little just to be safe 🙂

February 23, 2012

Kiyoto @ 12:13 am #

Awsome info, just bought my minis today and looking forward to growing them
for a logn while! What do I do if I want to cut them and put them in a vase
for decoration? How would I do that without harming or killing the still
potted plant?

Zacham3 @ 12:27 am #

@Kiyoto Well the first thing I would suggest is to make sure the plant is
healthy enough. The plant that I have was still a little small so I decides
against trying any sort of cuttings besides just taking off dead/diseased
leaves. If your sure that it is healthy then you can make a cut a few nodes
down, just make sure the cut is at a 45 degree angle 🙂 Just give it a few
days to decide the overall health of the plant though

Kiyoto @ 12:32 am #

Thank you so much! I’ll keep this in mind once I get used to growing them

February 24, 2012

Zacham3 @ 8:49 pm #

@Kiyoto You’re very welcome! I will be doing an update soon to show you how
they are doing and also that they have a really healthy root system 🙂

Kiyoto @ 9:05 pm #

Awsome! Looking forward to it!!!

June 17, 2012

Lc100374 @ 9:37 pm #

Bought a few mini rose pots, on a whim, because they were on clearance. I
hope that doesnt mean they have fungus or bugs. Gonna check in a bit.
Thanks for the tips.

August 13, 2012

ilovekay alvarez @ 4:20 pm #

when you transplant mini roses you have to water them every day untill
there roots settel….and mini roses love sun .. make sure to put them near
a window ……

December 1, 2012

Allinna2413 @ 6:06 pm #

Hey, I would gladly receive a piece of advice in this: I’ve just brought
home from the market a pink miniature rose which seems very healthy but I
didn’t do my research and I found out they need a lot of light;
unfortunately, my room doesn’t receive so much natural light, especially at
winter season and my radiator is beneath the window- what should I do? And
second question- tomorrow I plan to transplant it- what combination of
soils should I need? Is the dry coffee ground ok? Thanks a lot.

February 28, 2013

Brittney McMurry @ 12:18 am #

I just got three miniature roses and was wondering if I could pot them all
together in the same large pot. They are all miniatures, but the blooms
look different. I have had them since Valentines day, but the pink blooms
have not opened and still look like little buds, the yellow ones have
frilly blooms and the red ones look like yours. Since they all seem
different, would they have different growing requirements? I asked while I
was at the store, but the clerk there thought they were lilies…

koolkingkid5472 @ 8:39 pm #

Im getting some this saturday! YAY!

March 25, 2013

Игорь Иванов @ 12:27 pm #

Судя по манере поведения у парня не все в порядке со скворечником…

April 9, 2013

Anj San Pablo @ 6:18 am #

Hi, I just bought a miniature roses a pink one.. and after i re-potted them
some of the flowers of it, starts to fall down and also the leaves… It’s
like lifeless… 🙁 is there something i can do about it? Please need your
advice… Thank you..

May 15, 2013

DoLLFieLolita @ 4:03 pm #

I have a question I have a miniature rose, I take it outdoors every now and
then for sun light, wile inside I keep them in mi kitchen window for sun
light, but every time I take it inside it seems like it wants to die, only
at night seems to go back up healthy again, but some of the leaves have
black dry spots on them. I prune it today I hope in helps it, how can I
keep it healthy because most roses die before blooming? and it happens
every time I put it in the sunlight looks like is sick now.

December 2, 2013

Mar Thivierge @ 2:12 am #

Some great suggestions. I’d pretty much given up on these mini rosebushes,
as the life expectancy seemed to be about two weeks, but I’m now anxious to
try my luck with another one, after watching this.

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