HARTZ Nutrition™ Bonanza™ Hamster & Gerbil Gourmet Diet


* Hamster and Gerbil Gourmet Diet * Contains a wide variety of vitamin rich fruits,, vegetables,, nuts,, pellets plus premium seeds and grains * These nutritious ingredients include banana,, papaya,, apple,, carrots,, peanuts,, pinto beans,, almonds,, peas,, corn plus seeds and pellets fortified with vitamins and minerals * Hard pellets keep teeth fit and satisfies need to chew * This diet is guaranteed 100% complete nutrition * Now small animals can enjoy their quality seeds,, grains,, vitamin enriched pellets,, fruits,, nuts,, and veggies in a new innovative stand-up pouch * This new packaging keeps food fresher and is easier to store,, seal and pour * 4 lbs

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