Gardening Tips : How to Grow Lucky Bamboo


Lucky bamboo isn’t really a bamboo, but rather a dracaena that serves as more of a houseplant. Keep lucky bamboo out of the full sun and provide it with part…

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January 29, 2009

dinpoodl @ 6:16 pm #

thanks for sharing

March 13, 2009

caramel496 @ 6:43 pm #

wow all of u make the same mistake once they harvest it outta the “jungle”
. the shaft dosnt grow any more EVER! the only part that grows are the

July 8, 2009

MadzTheBreyerNut @ 10:50 am #

never put lucky bamboo outside it is not good

August 3, 2009

diablitoo86 @ 8:37 pm #

my lucky bamboo is turning yellow, I dont know why, Iv tried changing water
more often but same thing happens. It gets light but not to much, I also
use the green liquid that came with the plant but it keeps turning yellow.
I dont want it to dye 🙁 Please advise.

September 8, 2009

lightingthundercloud @ 3:34 pm #

wow ever video i whatch they say the same its not bamboo its a darceana
thats so dam anoing but great video

November 13, 2009

Chuck Norris @ 8:23 pm #

1-dont give it much sunlight 2-plant in soil not
water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-keep soil very moist 4-check out
“luckybambooexpert” his videos are 100 percent perfect

May 17, 2010

geebody @ 10:51 pm #

the only time u evr keep lucky bamboo in water is when ur propogating(i dnt
kno if i spelled that rite) or when ur regrowing roots

May 25, 2010

2006myangel @ 12:13 am #

it tried this and it rotted

May 29, 2010

2006myangel @ 11:14 pm #

do a follow up on this video so we can see what happened ok

July 17, 2010

atooleyproductions @ 3:11 pm #

@WingedSamurai But they die faster in water. It will only live for about
2-3 years in water, while in soil the plant can thrive for decades.

August 24, 2010

FisHNorway @ 11:58 am #


September 25, 2010

35LatitudSur @ 8:15 am #

hey people!!!….plant pelargoniums….you’ll have no
problems!!!!!…, cold, frost, snow, inside, outside, desert (well,
probably not lol!)….just get out there and try gardening!!!!!… best
to all!!!!

January 11, 2011

Lightweight @ 7:29 pm #

Lucky bamboo has to be grown in soil it will rot in just water!

April 27, 2011

inurmomsbasement411 @ 6:41 pm #

My luky bamboos not growing what do I do

July 22, 2011

luvlyme68 @ 5:09 pm #

well i have found that my lucky bamboo that is in the water has been
growing the best it has gotten so tall and is even growing babies all over
the one thats in soil only lived about 2 -3 years the one thats in rocks
and water is growing really slow but is beautiful and i have had these
plants for 7years

October 24, 2011

audiophelia @ 8:58 pm #

My lucky bamboo did Just Fine in rocks and water for 6 years. I also
discovered that it did much better with distilled water as well.

December 20, 2011

MrPoopstain98 @ 6:35 pm #

My lucky bamboo isnt so lucky:(

April 27, 2012

Zachary R. Arb @ 7:37 pm #

does lucky bamboo grow fast

July 12, 2012

mattesaurus @ 12:41 am #

You keep saying its a house plant, and yet you put it outside and half
killed the poor thing 🙁 Mine has been living happily with me for many
years now, planted in rocks not soil. Watered always.

December 28, 2012

VelvetGal5 @ 1:01 am #

I have 2 lucky bamboo plants I bought that I put at my workplace. Both of
the lucky bamboo plants were bought more than 2 years ago, & they are still
healthy & tall. The lucky bamboo plants are fine indoors. I don’t put them
against the window. I put them on top of filing cabinet called the Panda &
Bamboo plant corner. I have a panda sculpture attached to a big tree-like
stump on that filing cabinet that is sitting on artificial green astroturf
& the 2 lucky bamboo plants are on (cont.)

VelvetGal5 @ 1:04 am #

each side of the panda sculpture. I can be good when it comes to taking
care of indoor plants. I have many purple shamrock plants that my
co-workers & I have helped sprout into many indoor pots & we give the
purple shamrock plants to friends, family, & a few clients who really want
one badly. At my workplace, we get lots of compliments on the purple
shamrock & lucky bamboos. One time, this guy asked if he could buy a plant
I helped take care of out of the many at my workplace for his (cont.)

VelvetGal5 @ 1:09 am #

girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. 😀 My workplace is NOT even a greenhouse
or flower place. But we receive many compliments each time kids & adults
arrive at my workplace. It’s like stress relief for people to gaze & look
at our plants & flowers. If I had a side job, I’d probably be good at
running a flower & plant shop or being a party planner, decorator, or
personal shopper. Like somebody else said, LuckyBambooExpert has great
videos on how to properly grow & maintain lucky bamboo’s health.

January 20, 2013

cyberdragonessmaster @ 11:29 pm #

ok i’ve had my bamboo for a year now and last week one of the stocks stated
turning yellow at the top of the stem and is going down please tell me
what’s please note I’ve not done anything new just bottled water, indoors
shady sun, and i’ve only pruned it twice to take off broke leave and that
was in august

April 25, 2013

AirsoftBambooStuff @ 9:23 pm #


June 19, 2013

Ladyshystar @ 2:59 am #

I just found that out. Afriend brought some by for me to plant sit. I left
them on the front porch out of direct sunlight thinking it would be a fine
a fine spot. 4 days later they started yellowing. They were NOT HAPPY. I
thought that I had ruined them. Nice to know that they will revive. 🙂

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