Smart Solar Acadia Frog Solar Birdbath


Right at home in any garden thanks to the realistic frogs that decorate the bowl and pedestal the Smart Solar Acadia Frog Solar Bird Bath makes a fantastic choice. A fountain in the center of the bowl runs off solar power and moving water is great for attracting birds. Because this bird bath uses the sun to operate you don’t have to use any electricity. Just be sure to place it in a sunny spot and enjoy the wildlife it attracts to your backyard. The pedestal and base are crafted of lightweight maintenance-free resin which means it’s easy to relocate and extremely weather-resistant. About the solar panelThis solar panel needs to be placed where it will receive plenty of direct sunlight. The fountain pump will not work if the solar panel is shaded. While this solar bird bath is designed to operate primarily in the summer months it will also work in spring and autumn provided there is enough sunshine. Fountain performance is directly related to the amount and strength of sunlight received by the solar panel. In bright direct sunlight your pump will work well and will have a consistent fountain height. In slightly cloudy conditions your pump will work but fountain heights will vary as clouds pass over the sun. The solar panel will not generate enough power for the pump to operate in overcast conditions or at night. For optimum performance you should regularly clean the solar panel using water or glass cleaner with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth. Special Note: Solar bird baths and fountains require plenty of direct sunlight to operate properly. Please be sure to have a sunny spot to place your bath or fountain. Also the pump must never be operated dry (out of water). Dry operation permanently damages the pump. About Smart SolarDriven by a strong belief in the environmental benefits of solar power and the realization that consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally aware with an interest in buying solar-powered products Smart Solar was created in 2003.

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