More Birds Finch Birdfeeder * Birdfeeder * Rotate perches to convert to a goldfinch only feeder, only goldfinches can eat hanging upside down * Four Stay Full Ports allocate seed evenly * No more empty ports * Brushed copper finish * Holds 1.5 lbs of seed * 7.5" x 15.52"

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Messina 1 Quart Deer Stopper II Concetrate * Effective and painless deer and rabbit repellent* Safe for use around fruits and vegetables* Organic* Dries clear* Odor free* Concentrate* 1 quart

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CushionSpurge Cushion Spurge, Euphorbia Polychroma, is a mounding, clump-forming perennial which typically grows in a dome shape. It has clusters of poinsettia-like flowers, although the flower cymes are not showy, they are subtended by long-lasting, bright sulphur yellow bracts, which cover the plant and provide quite a show. It blooms so long that you can enjoy its bright yellow flowers for weeks. The red fruit produced in late summer pops off the plant and are projected several feet, and under ideal conditions, may self sow! Cushion Spurge prefers dry, well-drained soils in full sun, and appreciates some light afternoon shade in hot summer climates. However, clumps tend to open up and lose their attractive cushion shape in too much shade. It may rot in wet or heavy clay soils. The plant gets its common name from the cushion-like, dome-shaped growth habit it forms. Use in front to middle of borders, masses, or large rock gardens. * Yellow flowers* Red fruit* Dome shaped

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Myers 36 Cell Plastic Greenhouse Kit * Includes a professional greenhouse tray, humidity dome, and 36 cells to start your seeds * Fully Bi-Lingual label * Allows for up to 36 seedlings to be grown and refills are available Great for growing any kind of vegetables, and flowers indoors or out * Fits on window sill to receive best natural light conditions and is out of the way * Manufactured from Recycled plastic * Detailed instructions are included * Everything you need to get started is included except for sill and seeds * 5.5" x 21.5" x 2"

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Banana Cream Shasta Daisy Bright LemonDaisies For Months The Leucanthemum Banana Cream, Leucanthemum superbum 'Banana Cream', is a compact workhorse of deep green foliage. It produces long blooming, bright lemon yellow flowers that mature into shades of pastel yellows. Banana Cream is a breathtaking plant and when in full bloom, it puts on a spectacular show, especially if planted in masses. This plant can provide over 3 months of color to your garden! Measuring 4 inches across and having an extra layer of petals beneath, adds depth and more color to the display. The lovely flowers last 2 weeks or more in the vase! Keep the old blooms clipped off and the new flowers will just keep coming! This amazing and exciting new shasta daisy is a must have plant for containers, borders, or as a specimen. Divide clumps as needed to maintain vigor. * 4 Bright Lemon Blooms Fade to Pastel* Matures to 18 of Deep Green Foliage* Loves Full Sun and Heat

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